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Hi there. I'm Kaitlin.

I'm a coach, advisor, facilitator and mentor.

I help people unleash their superpowers at work by helping them get out of their own way, build strategies for success, and become the managers their teams need.

Level up 

your leadership

I work with clients to become better, more effective leaders.


I help them to:


  • Identify and remove barriers to success,

  • Build strategies for maximizing impact,

  • Hone approaches and techniques that make use of their superpowers

What I deliver is an approach that helps my clients excel as managers and leaders by unlocking their unique superpowers help them better lead their teams.

In my 15 years working in human resources, I've met countless individuals who have grown their careers but haven't had the right training as a manager.

Sound familiar? You're not alone. 


I launched my coaching practice to help individuals become better managers and leaders. Becoming a manager is a big step, but often doesn't come with the skills and training required to be exceptional at it. That's where I come in.

I work with clients to develop strategies and techniques to help them overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and find the path to being the kind of manager that their teams need.


How can coaching help you?


  • Management training and support

  • Communication strategies for leaders

  • Values discovery and accountability

  • Clarifying challenges and a sounding board for how to meet them

  • Goal-setting and accountability

  • Advice on how to tackle sensitive challenges

  • Support for re-entering the workforce after a maternity leave

  • Strategies for giving feedback and tough conversations

  • ADHD & neurodivergence support in the workplace

  • Techniques and approaches for getting the most from teams

Coaching Services

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One-On-One Coaching

For workers of all levels: from executives to individual contributors, you get a sounding board, collaborator, advisor and tough-love-giver all in one.

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There is tremendous wisdom in the crowd. My group coaching sessions deliver feedback, insights, discussion and accountability. Together, we celebrate wins, tackle challenges, and ask "what's next?"

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ADHD & Neurodivergence Coaching

Your neurodivergence is your superpower. Let's help you unlock its potential. We'll review barriers to success, ways of working, and how to optimize your workflow to work with your superpowers, not against them.


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About my approach

My coaching practice centers around a core insight: new managers are not typically set up for success, which can lead to less-engaged and ineffective teams.


Bringing a lens of balance, equity, inclusion, and empowerment, I help my coaching clients navigate difficult conversations, have candid communications, and develop strategies for empowering teams and working within and navigating patriarchal, racist, capitalist structures. My approach to supporting managers reflects how employees want: to feel like their work is valued, to feel like they are heard, and to feel like management and the employer are communicating clearly and honestly.

As a professional with ADHD, I also offer support and coaching around neurodivergence in the workplace. I bring a unique perspective on leveraging employees’ superpowers and helping managers find ways to best support them.

Support Panda, my human resources consulting practice specializes in applying those same principles on an organizational level. I help organizations identify their values, and then work to embed and reflect those values in policies, procedures, and operational practices; and I hold my clients accountable to those identified values. I support leadership in decision-making and communication and am called on to offer my counsel for difficult conversations. At the forefront of that work are diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity, and justice. I have experience working with organizations that focus on vulnerable communities, as well as non-traditional governance models and decision-making frameworks.

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